Arlington Charities – a safety net between two giants

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Arlington is the heart of the DFW Metroplex; placed between two giants, it gets plenty of traffic and sports attention but perhaps it is being overlooked when it comes to basic needs.

Hunger, poverty, and homelessness remain a concern for many citizens in Arlington. According to the census bureau, 21% of Arlington residents live below the poverty level.  The Tarrant County Homeless Coalition reports there are well over 2,000 people, including nearly 600 children (under 17), that are currently homeless in our community. Almost 10% of Arlington seniors live in poverty. Our food insecure seniors are at increased risk for chronic health conditions such as depression, heart attack, asthma and congestive heart failure. Continue reading

Dallas Christian Women’s Job Corps – meeting the needs of women one step away from crisis

Flo Campbell Photo 1
Flo Campbell, DCWJC Site Coordinator, addressing the graduates of the Job and Life Skills Program.

To use a phrase from a popular credit card commercial, North Texas Giving Day for Dallas Christian Women’s Job Corps is simply “PRICELESS!”

DCWJC is located in Far East Dallas and for over 18 years, we have been a beacon of light and hope to meet the needs of women who are one step out of crisis. We define crisis as women who are exiting incarceration, residing in transitional housing for drug addiction, recently widowed, and/or in need of enhanced skills to re-enter the job market. Continue reading

Prestonwood Pregnancy Center – The Power of an Ultrasound

PPC_stacked_CMYK_rgb_600_451 (1)When a young woman discovers she’s pregnant, the idea of a baby can be only that: an idea. Her stomach hasn’t started to grow, she hasn’t felt her baby’s first kicks, and the only real proof of the life growing inside her is the result of a home pregnancy test. For most of the women served by Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, a confirmation of pregnancy doesn’t feel like a new life; it feels like a problem that needs to be solved.

It’s only when that mother-to-be has her first ultrasound at our center, that she realizes the image on the screen is a real person. She sees and hears her baby, a life she helped create. She sees her child’s features and hears the heartbeat. Her baby is no longer simply an idea or a problem—it’s a life growing inside her! Continue reading

One Man’s Treasure – Heads Held High

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Clothes Closet volunteer working in the shirt room
Clothes Closet Volunteer works with clothing donations.

“Once I saw myself in the clothes provided by One Man’s Treasure I felt like a real member of society! I felt equal to others around me and immediately had more of the needed confidence to make a successful transition. Thank you for the life changing blessing.”

Thank you notes we receive from released inmates each day are powerful reminders of the importance of the work we do here at One Man’s Treasure. The letters reaffirm that the new clothes we provide to these men boost their confidence and enable them to more easily transition back into society. With the help of One Man’s Treasure, they hold their heads high as they interview for jobs and attend their churches. Continue reading

Reconciliation Outreach – A Safe Haven in the Inner City


Reconciliation Outreach is a faith-based organization that strives to meet the needs of broken lives in inner city Dallas. Below are a few stories from those who we have had the pleasure of walking with on their path.

Photo 2
Baillie surrounded by some of the children in the Afterschool Program | Photo by Jennifer Lindsey

“I’ve seen too many people die.

I’ve woken up next to friends who didn’t make it, and I used to wonder, ‘Why haven’t I died yet? Logically, I should be dead. Right now…” Her eyes begin to water. “Dead.” Ten years after her addiction and lifestyle began, Baillie finally decided that she needed to change. She called Reconciliation Outreach and came into the Oasis Program. One year later, Continue reading

Legacy Counseling Center – Bridging the HIV Information Gap

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Legacy Counseling Center’s Executive Director, Melissa Grove is no wallflower, but she becomes even more animated if you ask her who is the most under-served population of people living with HIV/AIDS. “Women make up 1 in 4 new HIV diagnoses but no one knows that, and so women don’t get the help and services they need” she’ll quickly tell you. Melissa has worked for two decades trying to bridge that gap, both in outreach to women and in public perception.

RHOD women at GP
Real Housewives Stephanie Hollman, Tiffany Leeanne Locken, Tiffany Hendra and Legacy Executive Director Melissa Grove

“People think they know what an HIV positive person looks like, but they don’t realize that they could be their friend, their neighbor… their grandma! These women need our counseling and substance abuse treatment, but unless we reach them, they may never get the care they deserve. That’s why we started the Grace Project.” Continue reading