Adaptive Training Foundation – Empowering the human athlete no matter what

Adaptive-Training-Foundation-LogoWhen you wake up in the hospital missing both legs and an arm at nineteen years old, what could possibly be next?

For veterans like Army Spc. Kevin Trimble and others with traumatic injuries like amputations, the next step after basic functional rehabilitation is often unclear. After leading physically active lives surrounded by a loyal team, a new isolated reality can lead to addiction, depression, and thoughts of suicide.

DALLAS, TX - JUNE17: Members of the Adaptive Training Foundation, led by Dave Vobora, a former NFL player, pose for a photograph following their workout at the Oakfit Gym in Dallas, TX, on Friday, June 17, 2016. Generally two thirds of the members of ATF are disabled war veterans. On top of the physical benefit, the participants expressed their appreciation for the sense of community and support that working in the gym offers and the confidence that comes with it.
ATF Group Shot

That’s where the Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF) steps in, filling the void post rehabilitation with free-of-charge specialized training. Each person sets goals–which can range from being able to move their own wheelchair up a ramp to competing in the Paralympics. But more than that, ATF founder and former NFL linebacker David Vobora’s team creates an atmosphere of camaraderie, hard work, and challenge. Continue reading

Canine Companions for Independence – Independence on Four Legs


Canada is a Caped CrusaderHi everyone!  My name is Canada and I’m a Canine Companions for Independence assistance dog.  After lots of training, I became a service dog for my new best friend Ryan. Ryan is an active Army soldier.  After surviving a car bomb in Afghanistan, Ryan was left with burns, severe nerve and soft tissue damage, and damage to his abdominal wall. His mobility is restricted, and it’s my job to assist him every day.  As an assistance dog I like to lick and play like other dogs, but mostly I love to help Ryan. Continue reading

Serving and Educating Exceptional Deaf Students (SEEDS)

childDeaf students live in a silent world. Many do not have access to conversations from the environment that are so vital to learning (parents discussing their day, friends chatting about their plans, someone in a group sharing a funny story….). Serving & Educating Exceptional & Deaf Students (SEEDS), the private school in the DFW area for the Deaf, works with students and families to bridge that gap between the two worlds. We also provide job training for our young adults who need some assistance to make good employment choices that will support them in their goal to live productive lives. Continue reading


Our KidLinks team is small, our hearts are big, and we bring the healing power of music to kids everywhere!

We’ve enjoyed over 30 years of performing music for kids in hospitals, catering our performances to children’s needs and feelings. We help provide joy, relaxation, and hope through songs. Our Child Life approved music delivers positive messages in an engaging and fun style through our Therapeutic Music Entertainment (TME) program that’s available to hospitals across the country; and now, we have a resource the kids can take with them.

With Hugworks Children’s Network (HCN), caregivers & kids can access our resources from any web enabled device; no app needed.  This is also our answer to reaching more children in more places. Feel free to explore at

Some kids need more one on one interaction and the special services of a Music Therapist. For this, we have Music Therapy, a program in which the fees are based on a sliding scale to make sure all of the kids can thrive without regard to circumstances.

Your generosity allows us to offer these programs. Let the children hear your heart-song and support the healing power of music on North Texas Giving Day!

To donate to KidLinks on September 17, click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit

Ability Connection Texas

It is estimated that 1 in 5 individuals will experience a disability in their lifetime.  Ability Connection’s mission is to provide a full range of services for people of all ages and disabilities as they strive to reach their highest level of independence.

Surella_hxSurella never planned to be 1 in 5.  Unexpectedly, she fainted during a physical therapy session and hit her head.  She suffered an internal bleed and was taken off heart medication.  Tragically, she then suffered a severe stroke leaving her unable to speak.  The very active Surella was now in her daughter’s care.

Surella’s daughter was shocked and angry at this life changing event.  She saw the way people treated her mother differently, not speaking directly to her, although she completely understood what was being said.  Surella’s daughter found Ability Connection and we awarded her mom a communication device.  The technology eases her frustration by giving her a voice.

Thanks to your donations to North Texas Giving Day 2014, we provided communication devices to eleven deserving people like Surella.

Join Ability Connection and other nonprofit agencies that make North Texas the best place to live on September 17 for #NTGivingDay!

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