Prestonwood Pregnancy Center – The Power of an Ultrasound

PPC_stacked_CMYK_rgb_600_451 (1)When a young woman discovers she’s pregnant, the idea of a baby can be only that: an idea. Her stomach hasn’t started to grow, she hasn’t felt her baby’s first kicks, and the only real proof of the life growing inside her is the result of a home pregnancy test. For most of the women served by Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, a confirmation of pregnancy doesn’t feel like a new life; it feels like a problem that needs to be solved.

It’s only when that mother-to-be has her first ultrasound at our center, that she realizes the image on the screen is a real person. She sees and hears her baby, a life she helped create. She sees her child’s features and hears the heartbeat. Her baby is no longer simply an idea or a problem—it’s a life growing inside her! Continue reading

Carson Leslie Foundation – Carrying on Carson’s Legacy

carson-leslie-logoCarson Leslie poured out his heart in a journal during his 3 year battle with brain cancer. As he got weaker, he asked his English teacher to help him put his thoughts on paper and then negotiated that his journal be his passing grade for freshman English.

CLF photo #1
Carson, signing his book deal 6 days before he took his last breath

Finally, when cancer was relentless, he asked that his journal be published “to give a voice to the teenagers and children who have cancer but are unable to express how such an illness affects their personal, social, physical and emotional life.  I want others to understand how to be a better friend to someone he/she knows.”  At lightning speed, six days before he died, Jan Miller of Dupree Miller, published Carry Me. Continue reading

Retina Foundation of the Southwest

Retina Foundation of the Southwest

It is hard to imagine what life would be like without sight. For most people, their reduced vision is correctable with a pair of glasses. However, there are some who suffer from vision loss for which there is no effective treatment or cure.

Retina Foundation PhotoThe Retina Foundation of the Southwest is one of only two independent nonprofit eye research institutes in the country. For more than three decades we have been unwavering in our mission to prevent and restore vision loss through innovative research and treatment. The Retina Foundation is a leader in research to develop treatments for macular degeneration, pediatric eye disorders, and inherited eye disorders, including retinitis pigmentosa. Continue reading

Mommies In Need

MC4Mommies In Need is participating in North Texas Giving Day for the first time this year. We provide in-home childcare to stay-at-home parents going through a health crisis.

North Texas Giving Day could not come at a better time for us. Mommies In Need has been operating since October of 2014 and we have provided over 1,700 hours of nanny help to our families. We were already committed to providing care for Jenny, who is going through chemo for Breast Cancer, when we heard about Cristal and knew we had to help.

Cristal and her kids Sawyer (4) and Aleah Belle (7 weeks)

On July 19th, Cristal had a stroke.  She is a stay-at-home mommy to Sawyer (4) and Aleah (7 weeks) and is currently in an ICU after surgery to remove a blood clot in her brain.   Full recovery from this will take months and we are going to be providing her with a nanny so that she can focus her energy on getting better.

On North Texas Giving Day, please consider donating to Mommies In Need.  We are entirely run by volunteers and your money goes directly to providing nanny care for sick moms like Jenny and Cristal.

To donate to Mommies In Need on September 17, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit

Angel Unaware: The Gift of Comfort, The Promise of Care

Kale Evan Kirk was born on May 7, 2011 via an emergency cesarean section. Kale’s parents learned he was fighting for his life, he wasn’t breathing, and he had a true knot in his cord, resulting in serious brain damage. After only 45 days, Kale took his last earthly breath.

SweetFamilyUnfortunately, there are too many stories like Kale’s. In Texas, over 4,000 children die every year from premature birth issues, genetic abnormalities and diseases. The medical, spiritual and social needs of children and their families at the end of life are remarkably different than the needs of adults; however, there are only 3 dedicated pediatric hospices in the United States, and none in Texas. That’s where Angel Unaware comes in. Angel Unaware is the first pediatric dedicated hospice in Texas, based in Tarrant County, designed to meet these special needs.

Celebrating our Grand Opening on July 23, 2015, Angel Unaware exists to provide “the gift of comfort, the promise of care” through our specialized pediatric staff and facilities. We have partnered with the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth to offer a beautiful hospice suite. In addition to home care, Angel Unaware provides in-patient hospital care via a contractual relationship with Cook Children’s Medical Center.

Your gift makes a difference. To find out more visit us at As a community, let us place our arms around these little angels and embrace the mission of pediatric hospice care together.

To donate to Angel Unaware on September 17, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit