6 Stones Mission Network – Transforming lives, homes and communities


Wendy sits for an interview in her newly revitalized home | Photo by Cody Bettis, 6 Stones

Before she had even cleared her early twenties, Wendy’s life was packed with excitement and success. She has met Reba McEntire and shared the set of Walker, Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, she attended and competed in Grand National Races. Eventually, she caught the eye of a major motorcycle company, who offered her a position promoting their brand. Juggling that offer with a new job back home, Wendy was poised for an exhilarating future.

“Life really changes really, really fast. We never know where it’s going to take us. I had just started a new job. I’d been there for a little over a week, probably,” Wendy recalled.

“But then my car accident happened.” Continue reading

Arlington Charities – a safety net between two giants

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Arlington is the heart of the DFW Metroplex; placed between two giants, it gets plenty of traffic and sports attention but perhaps it is being overlooked when it comes to basic needs.

Hunger, poverty, and homelessness remain a concern for many citizens in Arlington. According to the census bureau, 21% of Arlington residents live below the poverty level.  The Tarrant County Homeless Coalition reports there are well over 2,000 people, including nearly 600 children (under 17), that are currently homeless in our community. Almost 10% of Arlington seniors live in poverty. Our food insecure seniors are at increased risk for chronic health conditions such as depression, heart attack, asthma and congestive heart failure. Continue reading

Garland Area Habitat for Humanity – Community Come Together

GAHFH_Color LogoNorth Texas Giving Day has provided Garland Area Habitat for Humanity (GAHFH) not only the opportunity to reach more donors but to also collaborate with other local nonprofits to encourage giving to support the Garland community. In 2015, GAHFH and 11 other Garland nonprofits came together to form the Garland Charities Link. Our goal is to bring awareness to North Texas Giving Day and the work each of us are doing in the community. LMtornado6We do this by sharing booth space at local events and presenting information to corporate partners and their employees in the weeks leading up to North Texas Giving Day. Continue reading

Our Father’s Children


Some of us love these characters with powers to fly, scale skyscrapers, and catch bad guys.  Some of us, however, tend to embrace the less exceptional guys who don’t have any phenomenal powers.  They may rely on cool, high-tech gadgets, but mostly, they’re just like us.  We cheer for a hero who feels compelled to make the world a better place.

OFC - pictureThese individuals-turned-protectors remind us of those who volunteer at Royal Family Kids’ Camp every year.  Our volunteers want to make a difference in the lives of children who’ve suffered abuse or neglect. Each of them is considered ordinary – no capes, no abilities to fly, no x-ray vision.  Yet the moment they say “yes” to the call and step out in faith, they’re supplied with everything they need to accomplish their duties at camp.  Saturated with God’s Spirit, they’re able to give beyond normal ability, perform above natural talent, and love and serve even when nothing is left in the tank.

This year is our first time with North Texas Giving Day and we couldn’t be more excited. Any proceeds received will be used to introduce more hurting children to our own variety of local heroes.

To donate to Our Father’s Children on September 17, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit www.NorthTexasGivingDay.org.

Why our community needs financial education!

Did you know that Texas is ranked 42nd in the country for overall financial knowledge and planning from a study by WalletHub?

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas is a strategic resource encouraging growth in the community by planting the seeds of financial transformation with customized learning opportunities. CCCS is invested in the outcomes – improved credit scores, reduced debt, increased savings, retirement planning, resilience in a crisis, and reduced dependence on predatory lending.

We offer the encouragement and the tools to change behavior which is why one of our clients after meeting with us knew she would be able to pay off her debts and hold her head up with pride again.

Your donation to CCCS on North Texas Giving Day will allow our diverse set of clients the ability to become financially sustainable individuals ready to tackle any future obstacle.

To donate to Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas on September 17, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit www.NorthTexasGivingDay.org.