Melody of Hope – The Power of Music

CMYK_primary_colorMusic is a powerful thing. Music can bring hope where there was none before, soothe broken hearts and restore. Music stimulates the mind, nurtures the soul, brings people together, and fuels creativity.  And creative minds change the world.

Giving day picture 1
Awareness concert for Hunters Autism Specials.

Melody of Hope (MOH) is a start-up non-profit located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We exist simply because we believe music can bring hope to the world. MOH partners with various local nonprofit organizations to raise funds while also becoming a voice and advocate for each charity’s cause.  Our priorities and project funding is based on the needs of the community that provides necessities such as support to low income families, educational opportunities, spiritual and mental counseling, economic development, health care, job training, support for wounded warriors,  resources to help end sex trafficking, autism awareness, and much more.  Together we realize that we can target multiple issues that plague our local communities, contribute to the sustainable growth of our city, and further serve tomorrow’s generation. We accomplish this through the power of music. Continue reading

SceneShop – Little Shop of Theatre

sceneshopIt would make comfy, if unremarkable, prose to say that, after 20 years, pulling the shows together is no sweat, easy as pie, etc. Not so much. Every July contains one or two moments where I ask, “Is this really coming together, will it happen?” Experience tells me it will. Just relax. And get it done.

It’s mid-July once again, and another buildup to SceneShop’s annual showcase of original scenes and monologues, centered around a unifying theme. For summer 2016, SceneShop debuts “Turn and Face the Strange” on Saturday August 6, with additional shows the following weekend, August 12 and 13. Continue reading

Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra – Providing Lasting Musical Experiences

GDYO Logo Trans“When I was four, I dreamed of becoming a violin player for an orchestra in Dallas. Today because of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, my dream has come true.”

“I would like to express how much GDYO has enriched my life. I am hoping to help others have the same chance to experience the enrichment of music. Your donation would help GDYO extend further support to other youth musicians.”

–Sam, 8th grade violinist in GDYO’s Dallas String Ensemble

Sam joined the GDYO program as a member of the introductory string ensemble, Young Performers Orchestra, and over time, has successfully auditioned into the next level ensemble, the Dallas String Ensemble. He has been in the program three years. Continue reading

Dallas Film Society

Opening Night - Majestic2Movies rock! We love ‘em here at the Dallas Film Society.  But as CEO, I’d like to put down the popcorn and, along with our Artistic Director James Faust, tell you why film and the Film Society is so important to Dallas.

We live in a digital age. Video production is vital. Supporting film, especially local film, creates jobs — for actors, directors, electricians and more. It’s big business and developing it keeps our talent here – just one reason we work with local companies like ReelFx. Continue reading

DJHS: Preserving the Past As a Living Legacy

Esther Tobolowsky Golman & friend, leaving Dallas on the Katy Flyer
“Leaving Dallas on the Katy Flyer”, ca. 1914: Esther Tobolowsky Golman and friend pose for a picture taken on a photographer’s prop, Caboose No. 32981, possibly at the 1914 State Fair of Texas. Photographers along the Katy routes used similar backdrops to create real-photo postcards, which allowed subjects to send personalized postcards to family and friends. Courtesy of the Nancy Lubar Collection at the Dallas Jewish Historical Society.

It is said that those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. At Dallas Jewish Historical Society (DJHS), we’re in the business of remembering — preserving memories and sharing those stories in a way that informs the future. DJHS is the only organization that collects, preserves and shares the photos, documents, artifacts and stories of Jewish life in the greater Dallas area.

Dallas became a city in 1856 and by 1858 the first Jewish merchant had opened a store. From there, the history of Dallas is filled with names of Jewish leaders in retail, manufacturing, politics, cultural arts and other areas. In chronicling the history of the Jewish community, we tell the story of Dallas itself.

Our previous Giving Day proceeds have been used to initiate digitization of our Oral History interviews with Jews in Dallas — both natives and newcomers — who tell the stories of how and why they came here and what they’ve done since arriving.

“Little Miss Bluebonnet 1929”: Evelyn Dritch (nee Lynn), age 3, daughter of Louis & Rebecca (Donsky) of Dallas, had her photo taken at home on Forester Avenue where she lived with her parents, three older sisters and two older brothers. Courtesy of the Nancy Lubar Collection at the Dallas Jewish Historical Society.

This year’s proceeds will continue to help fund our ever-expanding digitization efforts in addition to contributing to general operating support. We currently seek additional funding to continue converting and processing more than 500 completed interviews and thousands of photos, documents, and artifact descriptions.

To donate to Dallas Jewish Historical Society on September 17, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit



Our KidLinks team is small, our hearts are big, and we bring the healing power of music to kids everywhere!

We’ve enjoyed over 30 years of performing music for kids in hospitals, catering our performances to children’s needs and feelings. We help provide joy, relaxation, and hope through songs. Our Child Life approved music delivers positive messages in an engaging and fun style through our Therapeutic Music Entertainment (TME) program that’s available to hospitals across the country; and now, we have a resource the kids can take with them.

With Hugworks Children’s Network (HCN), caregivers & kids can access our resources from any web enabled device; no app needed.  This is also our answer to reaching more children in more places. Feel free to explore at

Some kids need more one on one interaction and the special services of a Music Therapist. For this, we have Music Therapy, a program in which the fees are based on a sliding scale to make sure all of the kids can thrive without regard to circumstances.

Your generosity allows us to offer these programs. Let the children hear your heart-song and support the healing power of music on North Texas Giving Day!

To donate to KidLinks on September 17, click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit