The Pegasus Project – the only hope for an abandoned herd

The-Pegasus-Project-tmIn April, The Pegasus Project was contacted by the Wood County Sheriff’s Department about a terribly malnourished Appaloosa yearling with a severely necrotic, untreated wound on the right side of her face. We instructed them to transport the filly to a veterinarian for evaluation. Despite the vet’s best efforts, the yearling (who we named Phoenix) died from malnutrition, parasite overload, and the untreated facial injury.

Scout | Photo by Erica McCrary

In the course of our joint investigation with law enforcement, we learned that Phoenix came from a large herd of about twenty abandoned equine. In addition to Phoenix, at least four other horses had died on the property. Continue reading

Canine Companions for Independence – Independence on Four Legs


Canada is a Caped CrusaderHi everyone!  My name is Canada and I’m a Canine Companions for Independence assistance dog.  After lots of training, I became a service dog for my new best friend Ryan. Ryan is an active Army soldier.  After surviving a car bomb in Afghanistan, Ryan was left with burns, severe nerve and soft tissue damage, and damage to his abdominal wall. His mobility is restricted, and it’s my job to assist him every day.  As an assistance dog I like to lick and play like other dogs, but mostly I love to help Ryan. Continue reading