What are Challenge Funds?

Nonprofits often have many questions about Challenge Funds – what they are, how organizations can get them, etc. Hopefully we can shed some light on this mystery!

challenge1What are Challenge Funds?

Challenge funds are funds that are put up by a donor (or group of donors) to “challenge” others to give, usually to give a certain goal amount. Challenge Funds can come in many different forms and worded with a variety of restrictions and limits depending on the donor. Some examples are: Continue reading

Nonprofit podcasts

For those of us who commute, finding something to pass the time in traffic is important. Crucial, even. Podcasts can be a commuter’s saving grace – what once was lost time can now be used to learn more about a topic of your choosing!

While you may not want to eat, drink, and breathe nonprofits, podcasts can be a great way to stay tuned in (see what I did there?) to trends, news, and general ideas in the nonprofit world. Try one (or all!) of these popular nonprofit podcasts: Continue reading

Why I Give

For nonprofits, the “what” or “how” often gets shown in the form of program stats and success stories, but the “why” of giving sometimes gets left out – and they why is what keeps donors and volunteers going! So this year, we wanted to give nonprofits and their supporters a tool to express why they choose to give.

Picture1      Picture2 Continue reading