What are Matching Funds?

Nonprofits often have many questions about Matching  Funds – what they are, how organizations can get them, etc. Hopefully we can shed some light on this mystery!

Mathcing FundsWhat are Matching Funds?

Matching funds are funds that are put up by a donor (or group of donors) to “challenge” others to give, usually to give a certain goal amount. Matching funds are a 1:1 match of donor dollars up to an agreed upon amount.

For example:

Matching fund donors will match all donations given to a nonprofit up to $5,000 on North Texas Giving Day.

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Why I Give

For nonprofits, the “what” or “how” often gets shown in the form of program stats and success stories, but the “why” of giving sometimes gets left out – and they why is what keeps donors and volunteers going! So this year the “Why I Give” filter is back to give nonprofits and their supporters a tool to express why they choose to give.

Canva 1


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Unstock to the rescue

untitled-1A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what if you don’t have the funds for a professional photog? What about non-direct service agencies? The work you do is important, but pictures of paperwork aren’t all that compelling. And let’s not forget agencies who work with vulnerable populations who can’t always show the faces of the people they help.

Stock photos are cheesy, professional photos are pricey, and you can’t keep using the same photos you’ve been recycling for the last 5 years. So what’s an org to do?

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Making the Most of Social Media

social-1689891_960_720It’s the week after North Texas Giving Day and we’re all still riding the high of all this brand new social media traffic. So much time and resources have been used to gather your social media presence and it was awesome to see it play out.

So – now what?

Now you provide your followers with an opportunity to get to know you. A lot of donors use North Texas Giving Day as a stepping stone into giving to an organization, meaning they may know a little about what you do, but they don’t actually know your organization and it’s culture. Jill Boyer with GreaterGiving outlines 5 ways to convey your nonprofit’s message so your new (and old) followers will want to engage. Continue reading

Facebook Live – should we be doing that?

In social media, things come and go so quickly that it’s hard to know what is worth investing in the time it takes just to figure the newest thing out.  One of the latest “big things” to hit is Facebook Live – a way to livestream to an audience without having to sign up for or learn a completely new system.

For most nonprofits, the answer to the question “Facebook Live – should we be doing this?” is a resounding YES.

Organizations who embrace Facebook Live can see their Facebook engagement and reach spike due to Facebook prioritizing live videos in their algorithm. This means this is a chance for your organization to reach people who don’t currently interact with your page – aka potential new followers!

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Avoid Giving Day Email Overload

emailEvery nonprofit fears the dreaded “unsubscribe”. How dare someone not want to read your weekly updates! Unfortunately, there is only so much time in a day to read emails, and nonprofits are competing with everything from bill reminders, to schools updates, and funny forwards from mom. To ensure that your emails are actually getting read, try following Classy.org’s ABCs of Advanced Email Marketing Strategies. Continue reading