Why We Give


By: Arlington Tomorrow Foundation

The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation is proud to be in its fifth year of supporting North Texas Giving Day.  We eagerly take advantage of this annual opportunity to showcase our Arlington-based nonprofit organizations, thank them for all they do to make Arlington a better place to work and live, and promote them to the public to help them enhance their fundraising efforts on this special Thursday every September. Last year, Arlington-based charities raised $1,039,458 on North Texas Giving Day.

Concert VenueIn Arlington, to celebrate North Texas Giving Day, The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation sponsors an annual “Arlington Gives!” concert at the Levitt Pavilion in downtown Arlington.  It’s a free concert, open to the public.  Alongside the concert is our Charity Showcase, a marketplace of about 80 Arlington-based nonprofit organizations which have tables set up to show off what they do and who they serve.  It’s a great place for our nonprofit community to make new friends.  Many of the people who come to the concert are not that familiar with all of Arlington’s great charities, so they learn something new, and our nonprofit organizations have an opportunity to recruit new donors and volunteers.

From the stage, our guest artist reminds the audience that North Texas Giving Day is taking place and encourages attendees to make contributions to the organizations of their choice by midnight.

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The Arlington Public Library makes it easy for all by bringing its TechLiNK mobile technology lab, complete with onboard computers, so concert guests can take a break, log on, and make a donation then and there!

We randomly select two nonprofit organizations to receive bonus grants just for showing up, and the highlight of the night is the election, by the audience, of the People’s Choice Award.  Each attendee gets a vote, and the chosen nonprofit organization receives a $10,000 bonus grant.

Josh Weathers ConcertThis year is extra special – the year of tens!  Not only is it the 10th anniversary of North Texas Giving Day, but it’s the 10th birthday of the Levitt Pavilion, and the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation is just now concluding its 10th birthday year.

Arlington-based charities, and, as such, the Arlington community, have benefited GREATLY from the 10-year history of North Texas Giving Day.  And the benefits have blossomed.

We encourage you to come out on September 20 and see how we do it in Arlington!  Our featured artist will be American blues rock guitarist and singer Jimmie Vaughan.

To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit www.NorthTexasGivingDay.org.


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