Give Kids a Hand This North Texas Giving Day


By Lindsay Ray, Communications Specialist

When 10-year-old Noah* arrived at ACH Child and Family Services’ Youth Emergency Shelter, he hadn’t felt safe in a long time. Coming from a home filled with abuse and neglect, Noah had acted out in his foster home, lashing out. He had trouble sleeping and hadn’t slept for days until he finally felt safe when an ACH staff member wrapped him in a blanket.

ACH_child on campus playgroundNoah’s past trauma affected his interactions with people, but as he continued to stay at the shelter, he began to feel more comfortable. Knowing the adults would take care of him, he started to heal and let himself be a kid.

In this stable and secure environment, Noah began to thrive. And one day, a foster mom met Noah, instantly falling in love with him, telling him, “You’re coming home with me.” Today, Noah is safe and cared for in a loving forever home.

Noah is lucky, but there are so many more kids in our community who long for safety, hope and love. Only by banding together as a community can we provide opportunities for these traumatized children.

ACH provides care for children and families facing life’s challenges through a spectrum of care across 14 programs, including operating the only youth emergency shelter in Tarrant County for runaway and homeless youth and trafficking survivors when they have nowhere else to turn.

ACH Youth Emergency Shelter“Providing a night of care in our youth emergency shelter costs about $250,” says Dr. Wayne Carson, ACH’s Chief Executive Officer. “$250 gives a kid not only a safe place to sleep at night but also a warm meal, new clothes and caring adults who make sure their needs are met. We couldn’t provide that level of care without supporters like you in our community and without efforts like North Texas Giving Day to raise awareness and funds to support our mission of protecting children and preserving families.”

YOU can make a difference in the lives of children and families right in here in our community by giving kids a hand on North Texas Giving Day and supporting organizations like ACH.


To donate to ACH Child and Family Services on September 20th, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit

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