#NTxGivingDay In the Community

North Texas Giving Day is truly a collaborative effort and Communities Foundation of Texas is honored to join forces with 50 community partners including foundations, corporations, and individuals to help power this region-wide movement. This year, three longstanding partners, based in Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth significantly increased their contribution to this groundswell of giving and each shared why they believe investing in North Texas Giving Day yields a high return on investment.


The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation was created 10 years ago to ensure that the income received from natural gas drilling on city property would benefit Arlington and its residents for generations to come. The Foundation wanted to provide support to meet the needs of Arlington for today and tomorrow.  Since 2007, the Foundation has made more than 350 grants totaling $18 million to boost human services programs, improve neighborhoods, preserve nature, and promote arts and culture in the “Dream City” of Arlington.


The Arlington Tomorrow Foundation supports North Texas Giving Day to spotlight Arlington-based nonprofit organizations and their value to the community, and to encourage citizens to support the charity of their choice on this day, and throughout the year.  This year will be the Foundation’s 4th year to host the Arlington Gives! Event on Giving Day, a concert at the Levitt Pavilion featuring the Josh Weathers Band.  Arlington-based nonprofits participating in North Texas Giving Day will be present to show off their talents, and on-the-spot pledging will be available.


For more than 100 years, Neiman Marcus has been giving back to the community. Their philanthropic legacy began in Dallas in 1907 through founder Herbert Marcus’ generosity to SMU and the Dallas Opera. Today, Neiman Marcus stores are dedicated to serving worthwhile causes within the 42 communities where their stores are located and are a proud to sponsor North Texas Giving Day. Aligning with their strategic focus area of youth arts education, Neiman Marcus provides special prizes to nonprofits within this category participating in Giving Day.


In addition to their strategic focus area of youth arts education, Neiman Marcus supports charitable projects nationwide, assists in disaster relief efforts, and works closely with Herbert Marcus Elementary School in Dallas Independent School District. Through their business-advised funds managed by Communities Foundation of Texas, Neiman Marcus has granted over $15 million since 2008.


The Morris Foundation views their grants as investments that generate a return — measurable and lasting impacts on the lives of the disadvantaged in our community.  The Morris Foundation believes that supporting Communities Foundation of Texas’ Giving Day pays dividends now, with dollars raised, and in the future, with broadened support of organizations helping those most in need.  Their support of Giving Day contributes to a tide of help that rises all boats of those in need.  This day is an opportunity to come together to do what Texans do best–help neighbors in need get through a hardship and back to self-reliance.


The Morris Foundation believes that education is important to live a sustainable and hopeful life.  They are dedicated to supporting the educational needs of disadvantaged children and young adults, with a special focus on addressing early learning deficiencies of those from birth to third grade.


With a rigorous evaluative process, The Morris Foundation invests in local programs that deliver the strongest measurable outcomes to those with the greatest needs, within their giving categories. In 2017, they added subject matter expertise in their three focal areas of education, healthcare and social services to enhance their capability, in partnering with others in our community, to address the needs of the disadvantaged. We invite you to learn more at The Morris Foundation website.


To learn more about North Texas Giving Day sponsors please visit our funders and partners page.


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