What are Matching Funds?

Nonprofits often have many questions about Matching  Funds – what they are, how organizations can get them, etc. Hopefully we can shed some light on this mystery!

Mathcing FundsWhat are Matching Funds?

Matching funds are funds that are put up by a donor (or group of donors) to “challenge” others to give, usually to give a certain goal amount. Matching funds are a 1:1 match of donor dollars up to an agreed upon amount.

For example:

Matching fund donors will match all donations given to a nonprofit up to $5,000 on North Texas Giving Day.


Matching--FundsHow are Matching Funds raised?


Matching Funds are raised by the organization and they can come from many different places. Some examples:


  • Board members – have each board member donate a certain amount into a pool for your organization’s Matching Fund
  • Large donors from past Giving Days – ask if this year they’d like their gift to be a Matching Fund
  • Local businesses – leverage past business partnerships for Matching Funds and also be eligible for the Best Business-Nonprofit Partnership prize

Who manages Matching Funds?

Matching Funds are completely controlled by the organization, not Communities Foundation of Texas or North Texas Giving Day. Matching Funds are solicited by an organization and released directly to an organization by the donor. These funds are not given through northtexasgivingday.org and should be given directly to the organization by the donor.

This year though you can report your matching fund amount and acknowledge your donors on your North Texas Giving Day Profile Page. This will allow your Matching Funds to be counted down on your profile page on North Texas Giving Day, and for your organization to be featured on our new Matching Fund leaderboard.

Nonprofits can still enter Matching Funds through August 24th. If your organization needs to update or add Matching Funds please complete this survey.

For more information about Matching Funds, watch the video below or visit our FAQ page.

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