Meet theTeam – Tina Lin

With over 2,000 nonprofit organizations participating in #NTxGivingDay, we receive tons of emails and phone calls, with questions, questions, and more questions. Today you are going to meet the person whose primary role with #NTxGivingDay is to provide support for all of the nonprofits and lead our team through the day-of events — Meet Tina Lin!

Untitled-1Role with North Texas Giving Day: I am the Nonprofit Ninja and I help with all Nonprofit Organization support and coordinate the Dallas day-of events.

How long have you been at CFT/with NTGD? I have been working with CFT and the #NTxGivingDay Team for two years.

What makes you excited about #NTxGivingDay? I love being able to support so many nonprofits at once and seeing how quickly the money is being gifted on the day-of. Also, it amazes me how the potential for #NTxGivingDay gets bigger and better every year. IMG_6482I really enjoy attending WFAA Daybreak and watching nonprofits show up with so much energy and excitement for the day! Also, I really love our Kickoff events that take place prior to #NTxGivingDay throughout the metroplex. But most of all, I love #NTxGivingDay and being awake for almost 24 hours and running on pure energy.

Your quintessential #NTxGivingDay moment: My quintessential #NTxGivingDay moment(s) were definitely CFT staff yoga last year, being in the War Room all day with the excitement and tension, and also working the phone shift with the phones ringing non-stop.

Favorite North Texas activity/place: I like NorthPark on a weekday morning, White Rock Lake, and eating at my parents’ restaurant in Plano.

What is one area of your job that you’re passionate about? I really love being able to work with a diverse group of caring and intelligent people (both on the nonprofit side and on our CFT staff) on a variety of projects to improve our community.

Meet Tina Lin, #NTxGivingDay's Nonprofit Ninja!What do you do when not at work? Read!!! I also enjoy playing with my two little dogs, hanging out with my husband (we watch a lot of HGTV and Netflix), and also trying/failing at using the Konmari method to clean and organize my house.

If you’re a nonprofit organization participating in #NTxGivingDay, you can trust that Tina’s got your back!

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