Meet the Team– Matt

Ever wonder who is in charge of making sure that #NTxGivingDay goes off without a hitch and makes sure that your nonprofit profile pages are looking their best? Meet our Kimbia whisperer and operations guru —  Matt Allen!

What is your role with North Texas Giving Day?  I oversee all North Texas Giving Day operations.


How long have you been at CFT/with #NTxGD?  This September, I celebrate my 10 year anniversary with CFT!  Though I have been a part of the NTGD team that whole time, it was a year and half ago when I transitioned to that team full time.


What makes you excited about #NTxGivingDay?  I get excited to see so many people give to some many good causes.

What is one area of your job that you’re passionate about? I am passionate about connecting the community with worthy causes in our region.  I work with our technology partners to make this connection as simple, secure and reliable as possible.

MattWhat do you do when not at work? I am always at the softball field, coaching 2 of my 4 daughters’ teams.

What is your favorite #NTxGivingDay war room snack?  I am in the war room for about 20 hours that day, so coffee and Monsters are my friends.

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