Making the Most of Social Media

social-1689891_960_720It’s the week after North Texas Giving Day and we’re all still riding the high of all this brand new social media traffic. So much time and resources have been used to gather your social media presence and it was awesome to see it play out.

So – now what?

Now you provide your followers with an opportunity to get to know you. A lot of donors use North Texas Giving Day as a stepping stone into giving to an organization, meaning they may know a little about what you do, but they don’t actually know your organization and it’s culture. Jill Boyer with GreaterGiving outlines 5 ways to convey your nonprofit’s message so your new (and old) followers will want to engage.

Tweet a News Feed

Twitter works well for on-the-spot news about your event and your successes. Shout-outs, thank yous, and short bursts of news from your CEO will keep people engaged in what you are doing in real time. Twitter is also a great space to participate in conversations. Check out the trending hashtags – #ThrowbackThursday, #MotivationMonday, and #FridayFeeling are easy and regular ones to use to get started.

Tell a Story on Facebook

facebook-box-1334045_960_720Facebook is a great place to share stories about how your organization is making the world better. Your organization just had an outpouring of support from people – now tell them more about what you do! You can provide space for people to share their own stories and make comments. Share photos and videos. Help people understand the difference they are making in people’s lives when they donate to your cause.

Paint a Picture on Instagram

(Note: Jill suggests using Pinterest, but in my honest opinion [IMHO for the youngsters], Instagram is so much better for nonprofits. Disagree? I’d love to hear why!) A picture is worth a thousand words and Instagram gives you the opportunity to post a multitude. Post photos of your organization in action, announcements of upcoming events, and inspirational quotes that relate to your cause. Instagram is also great for posting behind-the-scenes photos. Use Regrann or another reposting app to share your followers posts. Be sure to include the URL for your donate page in the “Website” field, rather than in the description.

Create a Video Contest on YouTube

Tap into your supporters’ passion for your cause and give them a platform to express themselves. Find a fun theme or inspiring challenge and give people a “stage” on which to perform. Create a landing page where participants can upload their videos. This gives you a chance to capture their email address and screen the videos. Then you can post the videos on your YouTube channel with a call-to-action and a link to your Donate page.

Host a Webinar

With platforms such as Google+ Hangouts On Air, you can create a webinar that provides information and inspiration about your cause. You can have one dynamic speaker or invite a panel of movers and shakers in your industry. You can even solicit live questions from the audience. The video is automatically archived on your YouTube channel so you can use it as valuable content on your website or post it to Facebook and other channels.

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