Bonus & prize funds made possible by…

bonus-fundsBonus funds. They are a big part of what makes North Texas Giving Day special – that little extra added on to each of the donations. Bonus funds are a powerful incentive for people to give on North Texas Giving Day. In 2015, $2.2 million in bonus funding meant every gift from $25 to $50,000 earned an extra 7.5% for their chosen nonprofit. We all love them and we want more of them, right? But where does this magical pool of money come from?

CFT raises bonus funds from scratch each year. The day after North Texas Giving Day, the bonus fund pool resets to $0. The bonus fund pool is made possible by generous donations from individuals, foundations and companies who know how important bonus funds are to the nonprofits participating in this awesome day of community giving. Without their generous support, much of the magic that makes North Texas Giving Day so special wouldn’t be there.


We would like to give special recognition to the following foundations for their generous and on-going support of North Texas Giving Day:

Communities Foundation of Texas
Hunt Cares
The Meadows Foundation
The Dallas Foundation
The Granville C and Gladys H. Morton Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas
The Rees-Jones Foundation
Sid W. Richardson Foundation
Harold Simmons Foundation

Thank you to all of our bonus and prize fund sponsors!

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