United Through HOPE – social skills in a naturalistic setting


United Through HOPE is THE agency in the North Texas area for kids who need extra help developing social and interpersonal skills.  At United Through HOPE it is accepted that each child may need something different because their needs are different, they are different!

United Through HOPE is one of the most unique 501c3 nonprofits for children and teens because all programs are naturalistic based!  All star wars funskill based training takes place in the settings that the social opportunities might occur such as on a playground, at a sporting event or a store or a restaurant, at a walk or a van ride to a fun outing, while sitting in a classroom setting, or while working through a family discussion.  Boards games, backyards, local teen hangout spots, and more are used to help the children and teens practice real life social awareness!  With over 19 programs, children ages 3-young adult are supported to mature into future leaders and are able to gain the critical soft skills, play skills, and leadership skills everyone needs, but kids with an identified issue or disability may need extra help to fully develop.

To create something unique like United Through HOPE it takes your support!  With painted handsthe support of the community, UTH builds empathy, compliance, self-esteem, self-confidence, compassion, awareness, accountability, cooperation, play skills, and connectivity.  The community starts with families, but extends to partners such as businesses and universities.  Through the help of the community, the children at UTH laugh, smile, and build friendships, while those working with them see the potential unfold, be nurtured, and take root.

Your donation to United Through HOPE provides the resources UTH needs – therapists, larger building space, transportation, volunteers and student interns – to live up to that commitment.  One of UTH’s greatest needs at this time is to gain vehicles to transport each future leader to community sites where they can practice social awareness.  Through vehicle ownership, UTH can expand options, opportunities, and outcomes for the next generation to be stronger leaders.

minecraft faceWe all know it takes a village, specifically a community of caring individuals, to raise a child into a strong leader.  Thank you for being part of the UTH community.  Make your donation to United Through HOPE on September 22, 2016 North Texas Giving Day! Check out our Facebook page and our website and view all the great things happening at United Through HOPE!

To donate to United Through HOPE on September 22nd, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit www.NorthTexasGivingDay.org.

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