Melody of Hope – The Power of Music

CMYK_primary_colorMusic is a powerful thing. Music can bring hope where there was none before, soothe broken hearts and restore. Music stimulates the mind, nurtures the soul, brings people together, and fuels creativity.  And creative minds change the world.

Giving day picture 1
Awareness concert for Hunters Autism Specials.

Melody of Hope (MOH) is a start-up non-profit located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We exist simply because we believe music can bring hope to the world. MOH partners with various local nonprofit organizations to raise funds while also becoming a voice and advocate for each charity’s cause.  Our priorities and project funding is based on the needs of the community that provides necessities such as support to low income families, educational opportunities, spiritual and mental counseling, economic development, health care, job training, support for wounded warriors,  resources to help end sex trafficking, autism awareness, and much more.  Together we realize that we can target multiple issues that plague our local communities, contribute to the sustainable growth of our city, and further serve tomorrow’s generation. We accomplish this through the power of music.

Giving Day photo 2
The beneficiaries of our Christmas Gala toy drive – Reach4Hope.

Hosting benefit concerts, music showcases, and other events helps MOH support dozens of nonprofits in the community that are already making a difference. Through these events, which come at no cost to partner charities, we are able to become an ambassador for each nonprofit’s cause and provide artists with a stage to display their talents.  Our hope for the future is that bands across the country would get on board with what we are doing, and to Melody of Hope a household name so that we can offer an attractive platform that assures artists and fans that by performing or attending a Melody of Hope show, they are making a difference in our world.

Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries of communication between every race, background, belief and culture. Helping people should, similarly, have no boundaries, and that is what Melody of Hope is all about. Our goal is to make helping others as easy as purchasing a concert ticket.

Giving Day Photo 3
Melody of Hope volunteers alongside Green River Ordinance at our benefit concert for sex trafficking victims.

Ultimately our foundational truth is built upon the melody of the Gospel that gives a hopeful future to all. We just want serve God and our community by rocking out—one concert at a time.

The generosity of our donors keeps the music coming. We can’t thank them enough for their support and dedication to our mission.

To donate to Melody of Hope on September 22nd, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit

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