Adaptive Training Foundation – Empowering the human athlete no matter what

Adaptive-Training-Foundation-LogoWhen you wake up in the hospital missing both legs and an arm at nineteen years old, what could possibly be next?

For veterans like Army Spc. Kevin Trimble and others with traumatic injuries like amputations, the next step after basic functional rehabilitation is often unclear. After leading physically active lives surrounded by a loyal team, a new isolated reality can lead to addiction, depression, and thoughts of suicide.

DALLAS, TX - JUNE17: Members of the Adaptive Training Foundation, led by Dave Vobora, a former NFL player, pose for a photograph following their workout at the Oakfit Gym in Dallas, TX, on Friday, June 17, 2016. Generally two thirds of the members of ATF are disabled war veterans. On top of the physical benefit, the participants expressed their appreciation for the sense of community and support that working in the gym offers and the confidence that comes with it.
ATF Group Shot

That’s where the Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF) steps in, filling the void post rehabilitation with free-of-charge specialized training. Each person sets goals–which can range from being able to move their own wheelchair up a ramp to competing in the Paralympics. But more than that, ATF founder and former NFL linebacker David Vobora’s team creates an atmosphere of camaraderie, hard work, and challenge.

Kevin found out first hand just what it means when he became part of ATF’s nine-week intensive training program, REDEFINE. “You see people at their worst when they start, but you also get the privilege of watching them overcome what they once perceived to be insurmountable challenges,” Trimble says. “It’s inspirational and it motivates me.”

Kevin Trimble Tire Flip | Photo by Blake Watson

Trimble himself is an inspiration in the gym, flipping tires with one arm, cracking jokes, pushing himself to do more. He has plans for the future, including a return to school to finish his degree in nanotechnology.

This North Texas Giving Day, you can empower others like Kevin to offer the opportunity to do more than they ever thought possible. Your gift of $22 a month will go even farther to provide customized adaptive training that truly changes lives.

To see more of what Adaptive Training Foundation is doing, check out our Facebook page at or our Instagram feed @adaptivetrainingfoundation.

To donate to Adaptive Training Foundation on September 22nd, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit

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