Making the Most of Social Media

social-1689891_960_720It’s the week after North Texas Giving Day and we’re all still riding the high of all this brand new social media traffic. So much time and resources have been used to gather your social media presence and it was awesome to see it play out.

So – now what?

Now you provide your followers with an opportunity to get to know you. A lot of donors use North Texas Giving Day as a stepping stone into giving to an organization, meaning they may know a little about what you do, but they don’t actually know your organization and it’s culture. Jill Boyer with GreaterGiving outlines 5 ways to convey your nonprofit’s message so your new (and old) followers will want to engage. Continue reading

Bonus & prize funds made possible by…

bonus-fundsBonus funds. They are a big part of what makes North Texas Giving Day special – that little extra added on to each of the donations. Bonus funds are a powerful incentive for people to give on North Texas Giving Day. In 2015, $2.2 million in bonus funding meant every gift from $25 to $50,000 earned an extra 7.5% for their chosen nonprofit. We all love them and we want more of them, right? But where does this magical pool of money come from?

CFT raises bonus funds from scratch each year. The day after North Texas Giving Day, the bonus fund pool resets to $0. The bonus fund pool is made possible by generous donations from individuals, foundations and companies who know how important bonus funds are to the nonprofits participating in this awesome day of community giving. Without their generous support, much of the magic that makes North Texas Giving Day so special wouldn’t be there.


We would like to give special recognition to the following foundations for their generous and on-going support of North Texas Giving Day:

Communities Foundation of Texas
Hunt Cares
The Meadows Foundation
The Dallas Foundation
The Granville C and Gladys H. Morton Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas
The Rees-Jones Foundation
Sid W. Richardson Foundation
Harold Simmons Foundation

Thank you to all of our bonus and prize fund sponsors!

The Pegasus Project – the only hope for an abandoned herd

The-Pegasus-Project-tmIn April, The Pegasus Project was contacted by the Wood County Sheriff’s Department about a terribly malnourished Appaloosa yearling with a severely necrotic, untreated wound on the right side of her face. We instructed them to transport the filly to a veterinarian for evaluation. Despite the vet’s best efforts, the yearling (who we named Phoenix) died from malnutrition, parasite overload, and the untreated facial injury.

Scout | Photo by Erica McCrary

In the course of our joint investigation with law enforcement, we learned that Phoenix came from a large herd of about twenty abandoned equine. In addition to Phoenix, at least four other horses had died on the property. Continue reading

United Through HOPE – social skills in a naturalistic setting


United Through HOPE is THE agency in the North Texas area for kids who need extra help developing social and interpersonal skills.  At United Through HOPE it is accepted that each child may need something different because their needs are different, they are different!

United Through HOPE is one of the most unique 501c3 nonprofits for children and teens because all programs are naturalistic based!  All star wars funskill based training takes place in the settings that the social opportunities might occur such as on a playground, at a sporting event or a store or a restaurant, at a walk or a van ride to a fun outing, while sitting in a classroom setting, or while working through a family discussion.  Boards games, backyards, local teen hangout spots, and more are used to help the children and teens practice real life social awareness!  With over 19 programs, children ages 3-young adult are supported to mature into future leaders and are able to gain the critical soft skills, play skills, and leadership skills everyone needs, but kids with an identified issue or disability may need extra help to fully develop. Continue reading

Students Standing Strong – we want to change headlines

Copy of logo with rings

Every day the media shouts another tragedy happening in the world. Students Standing Strong has a different headline to share, Great Things Are Happening in Public Schools.

S3 photo 2
High school students studying God’s word at a Students Standing Strong Club in Southlake, TX.

Students Standing Strong helps to form and support student-led Bible study clubs in public intermediate, middle and high schools. These clubs allow students to know they are not alone in their faith and that together they can stand strong for Jesus Christ. Each week students from all backgrounds and denominations come together to learn, lead and live Biblical truth. Continue reading