Garland Area Habitat for Humanity – Community Come Together

GAHFH_Color LogoNorth Texas Giving Day has provided Garland Area Habitat for Humanity (GAHFH) not only the opportunity to reach more donors but to also collaborate with other local nonprofits to encourage giving to support the Garland community. In 2015, GAHFH and 11 other Garland nonprofits came together to form the Garland Charities Link. Our goal is to bring awareness to North Texas Giving Day and the work each of us are doing in the community. LMtornado6We do this by sharing booth space at local events and presenting information to corporate partners and their employees in the weeks leading up to North Texas Giving Day. Continue reading

Northeast Texas Children’s Museum – Small Museum, Big Impact

NETCMMore than 60 miles from Dallas, the Northeast Texas Children’s Museum is located in Commerce, TX and serves a primarily rural area. Because of this, we weren’t sure how our first year participating in North Texas Giving Day in 2015 would go. We were blown away by Commerce and northeast Texas’ support for our little museum! The support of our community helps to keep our doors open to the families that have come to rely on NETXCM for an affordable, entertaining place to play and learn. Continue reading

Facebook Live – should we be doing that?

In social media, things come and go so quickly that it’s hard to know what is worth investing in the time it takes just to figure the newest thing out.  One of the latest “big things” to hit is Facebook Live – a way to livestream to an audience without having to sign up for or learn a completely new system.

For most nonprofits, the answer to the question “Facebook Live – should we be doing this?” is a resounding YES.

Organizations who embrace Facebook Live can see their Facebook engagement and reach spike due to Facebook prioritizing live videos in their algorithm. This means this is a chance for your organization to reach people who don’t currently interact with your page – aka potential new followers!

However, there are some best practices to know before you hit that live button: Continue reading

SceneShop – Little Shop of Theatre

sceneshopIt would make comfy, if unremarkable, prose to say that, after 20 years, pulling the shows together is no sweat, easy as pie, etc. Not so much. Every July contains one or two moments where I ask, “Is this really coming together, will it happen?” Experience tells me it will. Just relax. And get it done.

It’s mid-July once again, and another buildup to SceneShop’s annual showcase of original scenes and monologues, centered around a unifying theme. For summer 2016, SceneShop debuts “Turn and Face the Strange” on Saturday August 6, with additional shows the following weekend, August 12 and 13. Continue reading

Montessori Institute of North Texas (MINT) – Bettering the Lives of All Children

MINT Large Logo green

Each family’s ethnic and cultural heritage is honored and respected.

Now more than ever, when we are overwhelmed by the anguish of racial tension, political strife and public violence, we hold fast to the knowledge that Montessori education – our work – shines a guiding light of peace that is changing the world. We look to Dr. Montessori’s words, “If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of men.” Continue reading