Prestonwood Pregnancy Center – The Power of an Ultrasound

PPC_stacked_CMYK_rgb_600_451 (1)When a young woman discovers she’s pregnant, the idea of a baby can be only that: an idea. Her stomach hasn’t started to grow, she hasn’t felt her baby’s first kicks, and the only real proof of the life growing inside her is the result of a home pregnancy test. For most of the women served by Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, a confirmation of pregnancy doesn’t feel like a new life; it feels like a problem that needs to be solved.

It’s only when that mother-to-be has her first ultrasound at our center, that she realizes the image on the screen is a real person. She sees and hears her baby, a life she helped create. She sees her child’s features and hears the heartbeat. Her baby is no longer simply an idea or a problem—it’s a life growing inside her!

Client sees baby for the first time via sonogram.
Client sees baby for the first time via sonogram.

For many, the bond with one’s baby centers around that first ultrasound, and that bond is powerful. Something special happens in the ultrasound room. Life is realized. Life is chosen. In fact, an estimated 78 percent of abortion-minded women who receive an ultrasound at a pregnancy center will choose life for their baby.

Joy Womack, one of our client advocates, shares about a recent visit with an abortion-minded couple…

“They were definitely removed emotionally. The father was the one in control and making the decisions. He was adamant that they abort. However, in the ultrasound room when he heard the heart beating and saw his child, he said, ‘Well, that is definitely a life.’”

Before ultrasounds, it was difficult for a distressed, anxious woman to understand the life she was carrying. Brochures were used, but generic photos of fetal development had limited effectiveness. The use of the ultrasound changed all that. When the humanity of a child is revealed through this powerful technology, both mother and child are saved!

For 25 years Prestonwood Pregnancy Center has provided life-giving solutions to over 62,000 women in crisis. We offer hope to women by providing practical help and emotional support.  Our client services include pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, options education, parenting classes, material assistance and community referrals, at no cost. We empower women to make informed choices and we equip them and their baby for a successful future. Your gift will provide the resources needed to reach more women facing an unexpected pregnancy with education and support.

To donate to Prestonwood Pregnancy Center on September 22nd, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit

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