Reconciliation Outreach – A Safe Haven in the Inner City


Reconciliation Outreach is a faith-based organization that strives to meet the needs of broken lives in inner city Dallas. Below are a few stories from those who we have had the pleasure of walking with on their path.

Photo 2
Baillie surrounded by some of the children in the Afterschool Program | Photo by Jennifer Lindsey

“I’ve seen too many people die.

I’ve woken up next to friends who didn’t make it, and I used to wonder, ‘Why haven’t I died yet? Logically, I should be dead. Right now…” Her eyes begin to water. “Dead.” Ten years after her addiction and lifestyle began, Baillie finally decided that she needed to change. She called Reconciliation Outreach and came into the Oasis Program. One year later, God has completely reversed the path her life was headed. He taught her how to “think, process and desire things differently”. She learned “how to love and what love means”. Baillie has overcome drug addiction with the help of R.O.’s one year residential program for men and women struggling with addiction, homelessness, and behavioral dysfunctions.

Photo 3
Estrella, in red, with some of the youth in the Project 5:10 Program | Photo by Jennifer Lindsey

“Working here, I thought I was going to change their lives, but they are changing mine.

They are teaching me how to love life unconditionally and to accept myself for who I am. In the past, my innocence was stolen from me so I’m regaining it by working with the children and seeing life through their eyes.” Estrella is a summer intern that serves in our youth outreach program called Project 5:10. The purpose of the program is to build relationships with the youth in the inner city and create good influences in their lives.

Photo 1
Matthew and Melanie in Reconciliation Outreach’s Afterschool Program | Photo by Jennifer Lindsey

“This is the best afterschool program I have ever been to. I like having a safe place to play!”

Matthew, a bright young 8-year-old has been in R.O.’s after school program for four years. While his parents are at work he has a safe place to learn and play with other children in the neighborhood. Initiative 23 (the children’s program) serves children ages three through eleven. These children qualify as at-risk, special needs and/or economically disadvantaged and live in inner city Dallas. The program consists of faith-based mentoring, tutoring to improve their grade point average, and character building.

We also provide affordable housing, job readiness programs, and meals. With the help from North Texas Giving Day, we will be able to effectively help bring hope and reconciliation to many others like Baillie, Estrella, and Matthew!

To donate to Reconciliation Outreach on September 22nd, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit

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