Faith Lutheran School of Plano – What Happens When We Do #NTxGivingDay Right?


Diving into a project when you have no idea what you’re doing can be simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating. That’s how we felt in 2014 before Faith Lutheran School’s first North Texas Giving Day.  We’d heard a lot about this special day of giving and were inspired by the stories of many raising funds to do fantastic things.

So, we applied to participate only few short months before North Texas Giving Day 2014, sent some basic event info to our supporters….and saw amazing things happen.

FLSNTXGivingDay2015 student with sign
Elizabeth Crawford of Plano helps drum up support for North Texas Giving Day 2015 for Faith Lutheran School.

After a few emails, social media posts, printed announcements and word-of-mouth sharing, Faith Lutheran School raised over $9,000 on North Texas Giving Day 2014. We reconnected with past donors, received gifts from new donors, boosted school spirit and so much more.

Those funds were immediately used for playground improvements including the installation of a beautiful black wrought-iron fence. Our donors enjoyed seeing the immediate impact of their dollars.

I thought to myself, “If this is what can happen when we do it ‘wrong’, I wonder what can happen when we do it ‘right’?”

DJ Spinderella with FLS students
Faith Lutheran School students Maddison Wied and Myranda Wied with DJ Spinderella at WFAA studios on North Texas Giving Day 2015.

Fast forward to 2015. We pumped up our marketing and reached out to friends of Faith Lutheran School to help us spread the word. The school was vibrating with excitement on September 17. Some of our students appeared on WFAA-TV’s “Daybreak” and met DJ Spinderella outside the WFAA-TV studios. Then Spinderella reshared their photo on social media.  Students and parents went crazy….donations started coming in….and we raised more than $11,000.

Funds were immediately used for school fine arts improvements including new band room carpeting and a gorgeous eggplant-colored stage curtain. Once again, donors were thrilled to see their dollars in action, directly benefiting our school, our students and our programming.

We are ready for North Texas Giving Day 2016! Our donors are ready to give to provide a great education for students like Faith Lutheran School class of 2016 graduates Jonathan Kieser, Shannon Swain and David Woelmer.

North Texas Giving Day is an incredible opportunity. An opportunity to build excitement within your organization. An opportunity to be part of an amazing group of non-profits raising funds to do powerful things.  An opportunity to connect with donors, friends, the community and beyond. An opportunity for Faith Lutheran School to raise funds for school enhancements that allow us to continue our mission to provide Classical, Christian education for students preschool through grade 12.

Diving into a project when you have no idea what you’re doing can be simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating…..but it can also lead to the most amazing outcomes.

We can’t to see what North Texas Giving Day 2016 will bring!

-Amy Sandling Crawford, Director of Public Relations

To donate to Faith Lutheran School of Plano on September 22nd, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit

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