Prestonwood Pregnancy Center – The Power of an Ultrasound

PPC_stacked_CMYK_rgb_600_451 (1)When a young woman discovers she’s pregnant, the idea of a baby can be only that: an idea. Her stomach hasn’t started to grow, she hasn’t felt her baby’s first kicks, and the only real proof of the life growing inside her is the result of a home pregnancy test. For most of the women served by Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, a confirmation of pregnancy doesn’t feel like a new life; it feels like a problem that needs to be solved.

It’s only when that mother-to-be has her first ultrasound at our center, that she realizes the image on the screen is a real person. She sees and hears her baby, a life she helped create. She sees her child’s features and hears the heartbeat. Her baby is no longer simply an idea or a problem—it’s a life growing inside her! Continue reading

Hope Rising – Putting the FUN in Fundraising

Hope Rising Logo White Letters

The Cast of the 2014 The Vagina Monologues, benefiting The Turning Point Rape Crisis Center

Hope Rising is thrilled to participate in North Texas Giving Day 2016.  Our organization’s primary focus is to monetarily support victims of sexual assault and domestic violence thru creative fundraising.  That’s a very fancy way of saying we create artistic projects to raise money for organizations such as The Turning Point Rape Crisis Center, Hope’s Door Domestic Violence Shelter, Ashleigh’s Patience Project, and Stronger Than Espresso (just to name a few).  Hope Rising has produced Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues, Nora & Delia Ephron’s Love Loss and What I Wore, as well as a handful of other productions.  We have done flash mobs, sold beer, played dodge ball, participated in city parades and built a giant microphone.  Crazy, fun and professional projects that have risen close to $40,000 for organizations in our short three years of existence. Continue reading

Carson Leslie Foundation – Carrying on Carson’s Legacy

carson-leslie-logoCarson Leslie poured out his heart in a journal during his 3 year battle with brain cancer. As he got weaker, he asked his English teacher to help him put his thoughts on paper and then negotiated that his journal be his passing grade for freshman English.

CLF photo #1
Carson, signing his book deal 6 days before he took his last breath

Finally, when cancer was relentless, he asked that his journal be published “to give a voice to the teenagers and children who have cancer but are unable to express how such an illness affects their personal, social, physical and emotional life.  I want others to understand how to be a better friend to someone he/she knows.”  At lightning speed, six days before he died, Jan Miller of Dupree Miller, published Carry Me. Continue reading

Christ’s Angels Leaving Everlasting Blessings (C.A.L.E.B.) – Remembering the Forgotten People

Each year an estimated 13,500 children are diagnosed with cancer. 7 out of 8 children with cancer WILL SURVIVE and become part of “The Forgotten People”.

The affects of childhood cancer don’t end with remission. Although a key piece to a very complicated puzzle, this is only one phase of recovery. With a unique appearance, these young warriors have to transition into society fearing the unknown. The financial strain that accompanies the extensive hospital stays and various treatments can be mentally and physically draining for the entire family. At times they become encumbered with debt from simply trying to help their child survive. These are the woes of “The Forgotten People”. Continue reading

Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas – Girls + STEM = A Big, Bright Future


Daisy's pushing full bin (4)
First grade Daisy Girl Scouts learned about animals and took action in their local community by creating a service project to collect food and toys for pets sheltered at the SPCA of Dallas.

Across history, women have proven their abilities to grasp and prevail in male dominated industries including sports, technology, politics, business and more. Yet we still fall incredibly short of changing the career pipeline for girls.

Too often, America has failed to invest in itself because it has failed to invest in girls. Today, fewer than 10 cents of every philanthropic dollar is spent on girls.  We know girls show a tendency to lose interest in the fields of tomorrow, like STEM, when they receive the message from society that science and technology is “for boys.” This means we are losing out on the insights, ideas, and potential impact of girls for our future. If we want America to remain a world leader, we have to champion the types of programming that helps girls sustain the gains they make in school. Continue reading

One Man’s Treasure – Heads Held High

New Picture

Clothes Closet volunteer working in the shirt room
Clothes Closet Volunteer works with clothing donations.

“Once I saw myself in the clothes provided by One Man’s Treasure I felt like a real member of society! I felt equal to others around me and immediately had more of the needed confidence to make a successful transition. Thank you for the life changing blessing.”

Thank you notes we receive from released inmates each day are powerful reminders of the importance of the work we do here at One Man’s Treasure. The letters reaffirm that the new clothes we provide to these men boost their confidence and enable them to more easily transition back into society. With the help of One Man’s Treasure, they hold their heads high as they interview for jobs and attend their churches. Continue reading