What do we do now?

When faced with a tragedy, often people’s first response is “what can I do?” That is never truer than in the nonprofit community. As individuals who have devoted their careers, their time and their hearts to making the world a better, brighter place, of course we want to immediately jump in and start fixing the problem. That’s what we do – we help.

But how do we fix this? What do we do when tragedy strikes in our city?

We don’t let it divide us. We listen to each other. We show that our city, that our people, are stronger than anyone would have thought. We stand strong and we stand together. Dallas, and all of North Texas, is a vibrant community of many different people. We won’t let it rip us apart.

What do we do now? We do what we do best. We stay available and present amidst heartache. And we continue to help and serve were he can, as we work to make our bit of the world better. Because #WeAreDallas and we are strong.

Meet the #NTxGivingDay Team–Susan Swan Smith

Maybe you met us at the Kickoff events, talked to us on the phone, emailed back and forth with us, or maybe you haven’t met us at all! Well, here’s the perfect chance to learn more about your #NTxGivingDay Team, their roles, passions, hobbies and more. Today, we are introducing our fearless #NTxGivingDay Team Leader–Susan Swan Smith!

Untitled-1Role with North Texas Giving Day: I am the #NTxGivingDay Team Lead/Ringmaster!

How long you have been at CFT/with NTGD: I have been with CFT since December 2010, and have been in charge of Giving Day since October 2011. Continue reading

Nonprofit podcasts

For those of us who commute, finding something to pass the time in traffic is important. Crucial, even. Podcasts can be a commuter’s saving grace – what once was lost time can now be used to learn more about a topic of your choosing!

While you may not want to eat, drink, and breathe nonprofits, podcasts can be a great way to stay tuned in (see what I did there?) to trends, news, and general ideas in the nonprofit world. Try one (or all!) of these popular nonprofit podcasts: Continue reading