Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra – Providing Lasting Musical Experiences

GDYO Logo Trans“When I was four, I dreamed of becoming a violin player for an orchestra in Dallas. Today because of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, my dream has come true.”

“I would like to express how much GDYO has enriched my life. I am hoping to help others have the same chance to experience the enrichment of music. Your donation would help GDYO extend further support to other youth musicians.”

–Sam, 8th grade violinist in GDYO’s Dallas String Ensemble

Sam joined the GDYO program as a member of the introductory string ensemble, Young Performers Orchestra, and over time, has successfully auditioned into the next level ensemble, the Dallas String Ensemble. He has been in the program three years.

The Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra program now includes two full orchestras, three string orchestras (one of which is the Dallas String Ensemble mentioned above), a wind ensemble, a flute choir, and six jazz combos. We offer high quality education and performance opportunities for motivated musicians from more than 50 communities across North Texas.

GDYO-fullThere are 480 talented musicians in our program. And, through their performances, we are able to reach more than 11,000 individuals and demonstrate to them the power of studying and listening to music.

Whatever Sam wants to be when he grows up–whether he wants to perform with a symphony, become a teacher, scientist, or writer–he will go forward with an appreciation for the arts and for working as a team towards a common goal. We are proud of the many musicians who have participated in the GDYO program. We hope you will support them by making a gift on North Texas Giving Day on September 22nd (from 6am to midnight).

To donate to Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra on September 22nd, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit

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