Meet the #NTxGivingDay Team–Susan Swan Smith

Maybe you met us at the Kickoff events, talked to us on the phone, emailed back and forth with us, or maybe you haven’t met us at all! Well, here’s the perfect chance to learn more about your #NTxGivingDay Team, their roles, passions, hobbies and more. Today, we are introducing our fearless #NTxGivingDay Team Leader–Susan Swan Smith!

Untitled-1Role with North Texas Giving Day: I am the #NTxGivingDay Team Lead/Ringmaster!

How long you have been at CFT/with NTGD: I have been with CFT since December 2010, and have been in charge of Giving Day since October 2011.

What makes you excited about #NTxGivingDay: So many things–I love the energy and inventiveness of the nonprofits! I love watching the ticker go up on Giving Day! I love this great #NTxGivingDay team! And I love seeing the Trustees in t-shirts and mardi-gras beads!

IMG_7193Your quintessential #NTxGivingDay moment: There are so many… An old memory that I have is Brent with an undone bow tie and J. Cook with a loosened tie and rolled-up sleeves back in 2011. An annual moment is George Tang’s annual War Room appearance in some sort of costume near midnight and also the incredible feeling of great teamwork. However, my quintessential moment is definitely when we all come together for the CFT staff photo.

Favorite North Texas activity/place: Other than Sonic?! NorthPark! And any place where there are good friends and good coffee.

One area of your job that you’re passionate about: I am very passionate about making a difference in North Texas and beyond.

SSSWhat do you do when not at work: When I am not at work, you can probably find me either sleeping, running with my dog, listening to podcasts, or hanging out with my [adult] kids.

With Susan’s incredible leadership and experience, we know that this year’s #NTxGivingDay is going to be another record-breaking success!

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