Avoid Giving Day Email Overload

emailEvery nonprofit fears the dreaded “unsubscribe”. How dare someone not want to read your weekly updates! Unfortunately, there is only so much time in a day to read emails, and nonprofits are competing with everything from bill reminders, to schools updates, and funny forwards from mom. To ensure that your emails are actually getting read, try following Classy.org’s ABCs of Advanced Email Marketing Strategies. Continue reading

Journey 4ward – Healing Hearts Together

journey-4ward-temp-logo-002During the last few weeks gun violence has been in the headlines and all over social media. We all experience loss during our lifetime, no one is spared, but losing a child is a traumatic experience made even more so when you lose a child to gun violence. The mothers of Journey 4ward know what each of these families are feeling and what they are about to experience as their lives move forward. It is something that no one ever should experience. It is a pain that never goes away, a wound that never heals. It is the unimaginable; no one could ever explain the hurt you feel or the emptiness you feel. Continue reading

Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra – Providing Lasting Musical Experiences

GDYO Logo Trans“When I was four, I dreamed of becoming a violin player for an orchestra in Dallas. Today because of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, my dream has come true.”

“I would like to express how much GDYO has enriched my life. I am hoping to help others have the same chance to experience the enrichment of music. Your donation would help GDYO extend further support to other youth musicians.”

–Sam, 8th grade violinist in GDYO’s Dallas String Ensemble

Sam joined the GDYO program as a member of the introductory string ensemble, Young Performers Orchestra, and over time, has successfully auditioned into the next level ensemble, the Dallas String Ensemble. He has been in the program three years. Continue reading

Meet the NTGD Team–Claire Hodges

There is so much that goes into #NTxGivingDay, and we want to make sure that everyone stays up-to-date with the lastest news. Whether it’s creating a survey, updating the #NTxGivingDay website, or sending out an email blast, our “Ambassador of Buzz” is constantly busy. Today, we are introducing the team member who keeps you informed with anything and everything #NTxGivingDay–Meet Claire Hodges!

North Texas Giving Day Ambassador of Buzz, Claire Hodges and her megaphoneRole with North Texas Giving Day: I am the Ambassador of Giving Day Buzz—the one behind all of the emails. My role is to make sure everyone is “in the know” on what’s going on with Giving Day.

How long you have been at CFT/with NTGD: I have been with CFT and the #NTxGivingDay Team for four and half years.

What makes you excited about #NTxGivingDay: I love the energy of the day—it is truly mind boggling to put in so much work year-round, leading up to one 18-hour day. I am always amazed when we sit in the War Room and watch the donations roll in at record-breaking levels. Continue reading

What are Challenge Funds?

Nonprofits often have many questions about Challenge Funds – what they are, how organizations can get them, etc. Hopefully we can shed some light on this mystery!

challenge1What are Challenge Funds?

Challenge funds are funds that are put up by a donor (or group of donors) to “challenge” others to give, usually to give a certain goal amount. Challenge Funds can come in many different forms and worded with a variety of restrictions and limits depending on the donor. Some examples are: Continue reading

Meet the #NTxGivingDay Team – Tina Lin

With over 2,000 nonprofit organizations participating in #NTxGivingDay, we receive tons of emails and phone calls, with questions, questions, and more questions. Today you are going to meet the person whose primary role with #NTxGivingDay is to provide support for all of the nonprofits and answer any questions that come our way–Meet Tina Lin!

Untitled-1Role with North Texas Giving Day: I am the Nonprofit Ninja and I help with all Nonprofit Organization support.

How long have you been at CFT/with NTGD? I have been working with CFT and the #NTxGivingDay Team for one year. Continue reading