Why I Give

For nonprofits, the “what” or “how” often gets shown in the form of program stats and success stories, but the “why” of giving sometimes gets left out – and they why is what keeps donors and volunteers going! So this year, we wanted to give nonprofits and their supporters a tool to express why they choose to give.

Picture1      Picture2

The Why I Give photo overlay is a way for everyone to show why they give to their favorite organization. It is sized for Facebook and Instagram photos, so all you have to do is download it, place it on one of your photos, and share it!

Not sure how to do this? Don’t worry – here’s an easy step-by-step guide using Canva.com, a free online resource.


After downloading the Why I Give photo overlay, sign in to (or sign up for) Canva and select Social Media (800px x 800px) under Create a design.






How-to2Upload the photo overlay and the picture(s) you want to use. Once you’ve uploaded the overlay once, it will stay in your account, so you can re-use it with lots of different photos without uploading it again.





How-to3Drag the photo into the workspace and resize it so it fits on the 800px x 800px layout map.

Once the photo is sized correctly, drag the Why I Give photo overlay on top and resize to fit.




Once finished, you can download the image or share it directly to social.How-to6

This photo filter is free for North Texas Giving Day organizations and their supporters. Feel free to share it with your followers and encourage them to show why they are excited to support you and #NTxGivingDay. Don’t forget – use #NTxGivingDay and #WhyIGive to join in the social conversations!

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