Serving and Educating Exceptional Deaf Students (SEEDS)

childDeaf students live in a silent world. Many do not have access to conversations from the environment that are so vital to learning (parents discussing their day, friends chatting about their plans, someone in a group sharing a funny story….). Serving & Educating Exceptional & Deaf Students (SEEDS), the private school in the DFW area for the Deaf, works with students and families to bridge that gap between the two worlds. We also provide job training for our young adults who need some assistance to make good employment choices that will support them in their goal to live productive lives.

graduateThe funds we raise during North Texas Giving Day go straight into our student scholarship program. The majority of our families need supplemental support to meet the tuition requirements. We could use your help opening the doors to more students! Give these students and their families the opportunity to thrive in the world and be successful.

Thank you for your support of North Texas Giving Day and all of the folks who serve our DFW community. We look forward to hearing more from you. Come be a part of our team!

To donate to Serving and Educating Exceptional Deaf Students (SEEDS) on September 17, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit

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