Dallas Film Society

Opening Night - Majestic2Movies rock! We love ‘em here at the Dallas Film Society.  But as CEO, I’d like to put down the popcorn and, along with our Artistic Director James Faust, tell you why film and the Film Society is so important to Dallas.

We live in a digital age. Video production is vital. Supporting film, especially local film, creates jobs — for actors, directors, electricians and more. It’s big business and developing it keeps our talent here – just one reason we work with local companies like ReelFx.

Our donors ultimately support our efforts to nurture young filmmakers. By offering venues and a film festival (DIFF) to exhibit their art, to practice their craft, to build relationships, they’ll embrace this great city, form their own production houses and produce here.

John Landis - 20152Every spring, DIFF attracts a wealth of distinct viewpoints. Not just in terms of narratives or genres, but also in terms of filmmaking techniques. And for local film students and the hundreds of filmmakers attending, it’s a two-week graduate film course and an incredible artistic exhibition.

Movies do rock. But, they also do much more. So, on this North Texas Giving Day please help us to “roll tape” by giving what you can.

To donate to the Dallas Film Society on September 17, please click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit www.NorthTexasGivingDay.org.

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