Retina Foundation of the Southwest

Retina Foundation of the Southwest

It is hard to imagine what life would be like without sight. For most people, their reduced vision is correctable with a pair of glasses. However, there are some who suffer from vision loss for which there is no effective treatment or cure.

Retina Foundation PhotoThe Retina Foundation of the Southwest is one of only two independent nonprofit eye research institutes in the country. For more than three decades we have been unwavering in our mission to prevent and restore vision loss through innovative research and treatment. The Retina Foundation is a leader in research to develop treatments for macular degeneration, pediatric eye disorders, and inherited eye disorders, including retinitis pigmentosa. Continue reading

Serving and Educating Exceptional Deaf Students (SEEDS)

childDeaf students live in a silent world. Many do not have access to conversations from the environment that are so vital to learning (parents discussing their day, friends chatting about their plans, someone in a group sharing a funny story….). Serving & Educating Exceptional & Deaf Students (SEEDS), the private school in the DFW area for the Deaf, works with students and families to bridge that gap between the two worlds. We also provide job training for our young adults who need some assistance to make good employment choices that will support them in their goal to live productive lives. Continue reading

Dallas Film Society

Opening Night - Majestic2Movies rock! We love ‘em here at the Dallas Film Society.  But as CEO, I’d like to put down the popcorn and, along with our Artistic Director James Faust, tell you why film and the Film Society is so important to Dallas.

We live in a digital age. Video production is vital. Supporting film, especially local film, creates jobs — for actors, directors, electricians and more. It’s big business and developing it keeps our talent here – just one reason we work with local companies like ReelFx. Continue reading