Our KidLinks team is small, our hearts are big, and we bring the healing power of music to kids everywhere!

We’ve enjoyed over 30 years of performing music for kids in hospitals, catering our performances to children’s needs and feelings. We help provide joy, relaxation, and hope through songs. Our Child Life approved music delivers positive messages in an engaging and fun style through our Therapeutic Music Entertainment (TME) program that’s available to hospitals across the country; and now, we have a resource the kids can take with them.

With Hugworks Children’s Network (HCN), caregivers & kids can access our resources from any web enabled device; no app needed.  This is also our answer to reaching more children in more places. Feel free to explore at

Some kids need more one on one interaction and the special services of a Music Therapist. For this, we have Music Therapy, a program in which the fees are based on a sliding scale to make sure all of the kids can thrive without regard to circumstances.

Your generosity allows us to offer these programs. Let the children hear your heart-song and support the healing power of music on North Texas Giving Day!

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Dallas Historical Society

Giving Day supports History
When you give to the Dallas Historical Society on September 17th, you are helping to preserve and make accessible the history of Dallas and Texas, connecting people to other times and places. Donations received on Giving Day will go towards continuing our mission to collect, preserve, and exhibit Dallas and Texas history.


Giving Day supports Education
The Dallas Historical Society serves approximately 20,000 students, providing more than half with free or discounted educational programs. Outreach programs give students who are unable to visit our museum the opportunity to experience educational programs on historical topics in their own classrooms.


Your support will help:

• Provide educational materials to history teachers, students and history lovers alike

• Design and build new, free exhibits for the public

• Bring in local and national programs, free for the public

We hope you will join us in our efforts to preserve and present for others the memories of earlier times by donating to the Dallas Historical Society on North Texas Giving Day. Your support will ensure that not only the stories of the past, but also the news being made today, will be made available in the future for future generations.

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Angel Unaware: The Gift of Comfort, The Promise of Care

Kale Evan Kirk was born on May 7, 2011 via an emergency cesarean section. Kale’s parents learned he was fighting for his life, he wasn’t breathing, and he had a true knot in his cord, resulting in serious brain damage. After only 45 days, Kale took his last earthly breath.

SweetFamilyUnfortunately, there are too many stories like Kale’s. In Texas, over 4,000 children die every year from premature birth issues, genetic abnormalities and diseases. The medical, spiritual and social needs of children and their families at the end of life are remarkably different than the needs of adults; however, there are only 3 dedicated pediatric hospices in the United States, and none in Texas. That’s where Angel Unaware comes in. Angel Unaware is the first pediatric dedicated hospice in Texas, based in Tarrant County, designed to meet these special needs.

Celebrating our Grand Opening on July 23, 2015, Angel Unaware exists to provide “the gift of comfort, the promise of care” through our specialized pediatric staff and facilities. We have partnered with the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth to offer a beautiful hospice suite. In addition to home care, Angel Unaware provides in-patient hospital care via a contractual relationship with Cook Children’s Medical Center.

Your gift makes a difference. To find out more visit us at As a community, let us place our arms around these little angels and embrace the mission of pediatric hospice care together.

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Ability Connection Texas

It is estimated that 1 in 5 individuals will experience a disability in their lifetime.  Ability Connection’s mission is to provide a full range of services for people of all ages and disabilities as they strive to reach their highest level of independence.

Surella_hxSurella never planned to be 1 in 5.  Unexpectedly, she fainted during a physical therapy session and hit her head.  She suffered an internal bleed and was taken off heart medication.  Tragically, she then suffered a severe stroke leaving her unable to speak.  The very active Surella was now in her daughter’s care.

Surella’s daughter was shocked and angry at this life changing event.  She saw the way people treated her mother differently, not speaking directly to her, although she completely understood what was being said.  Surella’s daughter found Ability Connection and we awarded her mom a communication device.  The technology eases her frustration by giving her a voice.

Thanks to your donations to North Texas Giving Day 2014, we provided communication devices to eleven deserving people like Surella.

Join Ability Connection and other nonprofit agencies that make North Texas the best place to live on September 17 for #NTGivingDay!

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Single Parent Advocate

1 in 3 children in North Texas are being raised by single parents.  Only 30% of the available jobs in this area pay enough to raise 2 kids on a tight budget self-sufficiently.  About 60% of these do not make enough to meet the basic expenses part of a budget, much less savings.

Not only do single parents have to deal with financial constraints, they also manage hectic daily schedules, legal issues, depression, disability, fear of failure, and loneliness.  Their children are more prone to suicide, teen pregnancy, behavioral disorders, crime, and school avoidance. Both suffer from parental tension, abandonment, and fear of change.  

“SPA” educates  and empowers these families through these tough situations.


True Hope is extended through safe socials where families actually enjoy tough holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, and discounted excursions on National Single Parents Day.


Real Help is provided during Back to School, Thanksgiving, and Christmas where families are equipped with budget busting relief of gathered and donated items such as Backpacks, School Supplies, Food, and gifts for children and parents. 


Giving Day proceeds have funded Thanksgiving meals each year. In 2016, Single Parent Advocate would like to launch educational scholarships and hire staff.

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