Single Parent Advocate

1 in 3 children in North Texas are being raised by single parents.  Only 30% of the available jobs in this area pay enough to raise 2 kids on a tight budget self-sufficiently.  About 60% of these do not make enough to meet the basic expenses part of a budget, much less savings.

Not only do single parents have to deal with financial constraints, they also manage hectic daily schedules, legal issues, depression, disability, fear of failure, and loneliness.  Their children are more prone to suicide, teen pregnancy, behavioral disorders, crime, and school avoidance. Both suffer from parental tension, abandonment, and fear of change.  

“SPA” educates  and empowers these families through these tough situations.


True Hope is extended through safe socials where families actually enjoy tough holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, and discounted excursions on National Single Parents Day.


Real Help is provided during Back to School, Thanksgiving, and Christmas where families are equipped with budget busting relief of gathered and donated items such as Backpacks, School Supplies, Food, and gifts for children and parents. 


Giving Day proceeds have funded Thanksgiving meals each year. In 2016, Single Parent Advocate would like to launch educational scholarships and hire staff.

To donate to Single Parent Advocate on September 17, click here. To find out more about North Texas Giving Day, please visit

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